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Tech Incubator


Tech Incubator

Guanhao Life and Health Incubator was established in September 2013. It is a state-level incubator of science and technology enterprises, which provides all-round professional incubation services for small, medium-sized micro-enterprises in the field of life and health, relying on the listed company Guanhao and the National Engineering Laboratory for Regenerative Implantable Medical Devices.

Guanhao Life and Health Incubator has been exploring in the incubation practice, and has pioneered the industrial incubation mode of “leading listed companies + professional technology business incubators + industrial funds”. The incubation system of “entrepreneurship class + Entrepreneurship Forum + entrepreneurship contest + entrepreneurship training camp + founder club” are the incubation carrier, and the professional “entrepreneurship mentor-entrepreneurship counselor-entrepreneurship liaison” service branch. Supporting and creating a full-incubation chain covering “Innovation- Incubator-Accelerator-Industrialization”.




Guanhao Life and Health Incubator has operated three parks in Guangzhou, covering an incubation area of more than 50,000 square meters. Incubating enterprises are in many fields, such as biomaterials, in vitro diagnostic reagents, gene detection, cell/stem cells and so on. At present, it has successfully incubated nearly 100 high-quality entrepreneurship projects, of which more than half are Chinese abroad entrepreneurship projects. In addition, there are 5 expert projects and 2 academician projects for 1000 people. Over ten projects have won prizes in the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In addition, nearly 300 patents have been applied for, more than 20 medical registration certificates have been granted, 2 enterprises have been acquired by listed companies, 1 company has become a new third board listed company, and 9 enterprises have been listed in the local equity trading center.

Guanhao Life and Health Incubator has accumulated rich experience in industrialization. Through innovative business model and perfect sharing platform, it is committed to grafting global high-end technology R&D resources and achievements, carrying out industrialization application and transformation for the Chinese market, providing one-stop service in the field of life and health, and truly realizing "making entrepreneurship more efficient and easier".


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