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Core team

Core team

Zhang Yongming

Zhang Yongming
Chairman of the board

Mr. Zhang Yongming obtained his Doctorate degree in management science and engineering from Central South University, and MBA from CEIBS. He served as the chairman of Beijing Kaiming Zhida Technology Co., Ltd and board member of Changshu Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang has held key positions in multiple companies, including Beijing Tianyou Xingye Investment Co., Ltd., Aotecar New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Yishengyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Century Tianfu Venture Capital Center. Mr.Zhang is experienced in wealth managementand company opearation.

Wang Xinzhi

Wang Xinzhi
Board member, CEO

Mr. Wang Xinzhi obtained his Master Degree in genetics from Fudan University. He was the board member and president of Zhuhai Essex Bio-Technology Ltd., Chairman of Zhuhai Essex MEDIPHARMA Co., Ltd.,  and Chairman of Zhuhai Yisheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.Mr. Wang is vice director of Population, resources and Environment Committee of the ninth Committee of Zhuhai CPPCC and Ophthalmology Committee of China Association of non public hospitals and medical institutions. He is also vice-chairman of the first Council of Chinese medicine health products professional committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, member of the first committee of Ophthalmology Professional Committee of China Medical Equipment Association. Mr. Wang has over 30 years of experience in company operation and management.

  • Zhao Junhui

    Zhao Junhui
    Board member, Vice President, Board secretary

    Ms. Zhao Junhui obtained her MBA from Southwest Jiaotong University. She is director and executive director of Guangzhou Internal Audit Association. She wasawarded  "17th New Fortune Gold Board Secretary" in 2021. She served as administrative manager, securities affairs representative, risk control director, and head of internal audit in Guanhao. Ms. Zhao is boardsupervisor of Guanhao Life and Health Incubator, Bei Hao Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Zhuhai Sunny Medical Device Co., Ltd. She is also a board member of Beijing Hongguan Regenerative Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Tianyou Beihao Biological Technology Co., Ltd.Ms. Zhao has over 10 years of experience in overall management.  She oversaw company's entire IPO process, and has extensive experience in internal control, especially in pre-and post mergers and acquisitions.

  • Liu Yajuan

    Liu Yajuan
    Board member, Vice President

    Ms. Liu Yajuan obtained her MBA from CEIBS. She is vice chairman of policy and regulation Professional Committee of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and also Member of clinical trial academic group of China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association and Chinese medical affairs conference committee. Previously, Ms. Liu has worked in famous pharmaceutical companies, including Henan Anyang No.1 Pharmaceuticals, Xian Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd, and Qingdao Huanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  Ms. Liu is experienced in sales and marketing, distribution channel,  and business development.

  • Zhao Feng

    Zhao Feng
    Vice President

    Mr. Zhao Feng obtained his bachelor’s degree in Clinical medicine from Nantong Medical College and MBA from Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Singapore Nanyang Technological University. He has held various leadership roles in Guanhao including Sales Manager, Sales Director, Deputy General Manager and sales director of Guanhao Biomaterials Business Unit. Mr. Zhao is also the General Manager of Shanghai Guanhao, a subsidiary of Guanhao Biotech Co, Ltd. . Mr. Zhao has over 20 years of  sales and marketing experience in medical device.

  • You Zhen

    You Zhen
    Vice President

    Mr.You Zhen obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Molecular Engineering from Peking University. Prior to joining Guanhao, Mr.You served as senior R&D engineer specialized in polymers used as lithium ion battery separators in  BYD Co., Ltd,. He was in charge of sales and played key role in the technical co-founding teamin Foshan Jinhui Hi tech Optoelectronic Materials. He also served as Vice President inZhejiang Taiyang lithium battery, Vice President in Beijing Tianyou Xingye Investment Co., Ltd., as well as Vice President and in charge of manufacting and bioequivalence in Shanghai Yishengyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. He is experienced in research and development and project operation.

  • Cheng Shunqiao

    Cheng Shunqiao
    Vice President

    Mr. Cheng Shunqiao obtained his Master in Biomedical Engineering from Sichuan University. He served as CTO assistance and project management office manager in Guanhao Biotech Co.. Ltd, co-founded Guangzhou Junsun Medical and served as CEO there. He served as marketing and medical device director inGuangzhou newkey Biotechnology. He served as vice president and general manager in sales and marketing center inMEYER FSMP HONG KONG LIMITED, general Manager in Teyi retail center. Mr Cheng is currently Vice President of Guanhao, with rich experience in research and development, manufacturing and sales, manufacturing, in the field of special medical food, pharmaceuticals, and medical device, and especially specialized in class III medical device area.

  • Zhang Wei Kun

    Zhang Wei Kun
    Finance Chief

    Accounting (certified public accountant), Chinese certified public accountant. He has successively served as the senior auditor of Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) and the business manager of Lixin Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership). Currently, he is the financial director of Guanhao biology and has rich practical experience in financial management of listed enterprises.